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I’m ‘The Temp’

I counted ’em up and I’ve held more than 50 jobs (that I can remember). Some of the more memorable include:

–psychiatric assistant on the alcohol/psych unit (5th floor) of a hospital
–ice cream truck driver
–surgical assistant for a podiatrist
–“News for Newcomers” door-to-door salesperson
–singing telegram deliverer

I was the mail-person for Gary Hart’s downtown Denver law firm (AFTER his ill-fated presidential bid and all that “monkey business”).

I was on a sift-and-rebox team following the Savings and Loan Debacle starring Neil Bush (the rarely mentioned brother of Dubya).

Then, of course, there’s my ongoing love affair with aerobics. God bless you, Richard Simmons!

When I was young and wide-eyed and the world was my oyster, I knew I was going to be a writer. Someday. But, while I wouldn’t say life sometimes gets in the way between you and your dreams, I do agree with the great John Lennon. He said: “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.”

And I wouldn’t change a second. Well, maybe I’d hurry up the last year and a half…

I DID become a writer, before, during and after my aforementioned colorful career. And now, I’m back in the mix as a technical writer for a company that makes steel enclosures for generators and things like that.

Just think of me as another temp, like Ryan in The Office. Just substitute “steel” for “paper” and everything else is about the same.

But it pays the bills. Now THAT’S a job.

That’s what SHE said.