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May I have this dance? Thrilled, I’m sure!

Thrill photoWho would have thought that one of my job titles — at the great and fabulous age of 59 — would be “Thrill the World Boise Event Producer?” Not me. And yet, I am loving this job!

I have learned the Thriller dance! I could do it in my sleep — and often recite the moves as I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night: “Roar-turn, roar-turn.” When I am dancing, everything else goes away. It takes all my concentration and, in my mind’s eye, there I am, in that game-changing video, a zombie alongside of MJ.

I absolutely love it.thrill

For those of you in the Boise area, this is a shameless plug: Come see me (and about 200 other zombies) as we attempt to break the world record for the simultaneous dance to Thriller at 4 pm Oct. 25 at the Boise Spectrum — get there early, we have an official countdown and will start at PRECISELY 4 pm according to the World Clock.

For those of you outside the area, see if there is a Thrill Day in your neighborhood. If you are so inclined, learn the dance (there are official tutorial videos on Youtube). You’ll be glad you did, it is really, really fun.

Years ago, my dear friend Holly taught me the power of dance. We all are hard-wired to do it and to love it. When you are dancing, you are celebrating and loving life.

And oh — this year, our fundraising recipient is the Treasure Valley Family YMCA, as a thanks for letting us practice our moves there.

Da-da! Da-da-da!



Good thrills and chills!

Wooo-oooo-ooooo. Are you ready for Halloween Eve: Here are a couple of last-minute ideas for the night before the Great Pumpkin. One charges a fee, but it won’t break the bank, the other is free.

michael_jackson_thriller_2Bronco Elite Boise is throwing a Halloween bash, for kids 4-12 and it includes a costume contest, games, pumpkin decorating, movies, pizza, face painting, a cake walk, bake sale and more. Oh, and bonus: dance instructor Natalie is going to show the kids how to do Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance. 6:30 to 11 p.m. Friday, Oct. 30, Bronco Elite Boise, 1187 W. River St., Boise. $25 per child ages 4 to 12. 389-9005. http://www.broncoelite.com/boise

The Record Exchange is hosting a free Monster Mash, featuring all 11 of Boise Rock School’s http://www.boiserockschool.com/ bands, in appropriate costumes. “All the bands are gonna dress up and rock out,” said Jared Goodpaster, co-founder of Boise Rock School. Monster Mash at the Record Exchange, 5:30 p.m.- 7:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 30, The Record Exchange, 1105 West Idaho Street http://www.buymusichere.net/stores/recordexchange/

Good what in the world are they doing?!

A typical Flash Mob pillow fight.

A typical Flash Mob pillow fight.

If you’ve ever seen or been a part of a performance art piece, you may know that not all performance art is well, spectacular. Once, I went to sort of a performance art variety show and about 15 or so acts, some as individual performers, others in a group, took turns on the stage. It was a hodge-podge of weirdness. Me and my partner decided to burn poetry chapbooks on the stage, page by page. We had this blowtorch and a big metal trashcan and lit a page on fire and watched as it flipped down, alight, into the can where a puddle of water sizzled it out. We did this to music, I think, maybe Devo. Anyway, it wasn’t a Laurie Anderson masterpiece, but it did cause a lot of horrified gasping, even from a bunch of freaky artists. It’s not nice to burn books.

Flash Mobs are kind of like that. A group of people congregate in a public place, perform an unusual act, briefly — then disperse into the crowd. So when I heard the Boise Flash Mob was having a little fun last Saturday, Oct. 17 at the Saturday market, I was, all Tina Fey, like: I want to go there. The BFM, by the way, is a group of performance artists who get together on occasion and stage a very public performance art piece — once they assembled downtown and at the stroke of noon or whatever, grabbed pillows from under their shirts and had a little downtown pillow fight. Another time it was a high noon at the water gun shootin’ cafe.

This time, it was some sort of group method acting piece, I think. I got a lot of it on my little Flip video cam, but you won’t get to see the umbrella twirling or the last part, when they were looking towards the sun and someone said THEY’RE ZOMBIES and my audience mate called out: PHOTOSYNTHESIS! PHOTOSYNTHESIS!

That was my favorite part.

But the rest is all here for you to see. My unsolicited advice to the ‘Mob: Shorter and sweeter. Make it like a dance. As a matter of fact, make it like a Micheal Jackson video dance. Following our own BFM is a video from a similarly bent Seattle performance troupe doing it the MJ way as a tribute to the king of pop.

Enjoy. And keep your lighters away from your books, they are precious, oh, so precious these days.