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Good stuff

The Brownie and Dr. Maybe at Reconstruct 2009. Who IS under that mask?

The Brownie and Dr. Maybe at Reconstruct 2009. Who IS under that mask?

Just when you think it’s just not going to get better, something better comes along. Now, this is not just one of those “the glass is half-full, not half-empty” sort of thing and I’m not telling you to look through rose-colored glasses — and please, don’t call me Pollyanna (although I LOVE Pollyanna).

What I’m referring to is simply good news. And it happened right here in the Treasure Valley, in Downtown Nampa, as a matter of fact.

Good news, you say? Really?? In Downtown Nampa???


On Saturday, May 2, at the Flying M Coffeegarage, the Third Annual Reconstruct Fashion Show was held to a packed crowd of Project Runway fans and wannabes. This year’s theme: “Superheroes/Supervillains” piqued about a dozen local designers and artists and the show was a dazzling display of sewing machine-gone-mad talent.

And now — wait for it — comes that good news: This year the show raised $1,450 for Dress for Success, a local organization that helps women get professional duds for those all-important job interviews and helps them land those all-important jobs. The amount raised is something to especially crow about because it’s a higher number — by $250 — than last year’s.

“That’s exciting,” said Lisa Myers, owner of the Coffeegarage.

Walk it off
Looking for more good news? Try going for a walk or simply looking out your window. Springtime in the Treasure Valley is breathtaking and will bring a smile to even the diehard cynic. Lilacs are blooming and filling the air with their signature perfume, daffodils and tulips are strutting their stuff.

The "Starship Enterprise" iris at JoAnn's Iris Garden at 1325 N. Hesse Lane, Eagle. Photo courtesy JoAnn's Garden.And, lucky for all of us in the Treasure Valley, we still have the beautiful iris show waiting in the wings. Take a trip out to see Sharon Touchstone’s iris garden at 1222 Morehouse Road in Emmett (call first: 365-6112). She has from 500 to 1,000 varieties! “I got the ‘iris virus’ — my husband hasn’t realized how many I have around,” Sharon chuckled. Sharon is also the chairperson of the Gem State Iris Club.

Other local iris gardens include: The Sandhollow Iris Gardens at Sandhollow Nursery, 14000 Oasis Road in Caldwell and Joann’s Garden at 1325 N. Hesse Lane in Eagle. You can even buy some of the rhizomes ($4.50 each) if you take a fancy to any of her 450 varieties (my favorite is the Starship Enterprise). You can visit her garden daily after blooming begins.

The point is, get out there and enjoy the Treasure Valley’s treasures.

Keep it coming

In the meantime, send me any good news items you have, from good deeds to good folks, good ideas to good ways to help manage our money and time.

And if you hear of any good jobs for an out-of-work but excellent and extremely personable features writer — well, send those my way, too.