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On the Fly is SO fly

L-R: Brick 29 and On the Fly owner and chef Dustan Bristol and manager Doug Stinson cranking out sandwiches, soups, salads and desserts for the lunch hour crowd. Photo by Jeanne Huff

L-R: Brick 29 and On the Fly owner and chef Dustan Bristol and manager Doug Stinson cranking out sandwiches, soups, salads and desserts for the lunch hour crowd. Photo by Jeanne Huff

I have a new favorite sandwich joint. It hasn’t been open long — officially, just a few weeks — but I have been there about 10 times already and have tried just about every sandwich and soup of the day. Everything is delicious. At least for this comfort food loving girl from Kansas, it is truly comfort food kicked up a notch. Well, actually, quite a few notches.

And that’s exactly what On the Fly’s chef and owner Dustan Bristol intended when he came up with the idea. It’s what he had in mind when he added bacon jam to his egg salad sandwich. When he decided to take on that mother of all comfort food sandwiches – bologna. He remembered his favorite bologna sandwich from his childhood. “My grandparents had that bologna with the olives in it,” he says. And, of course, they served it on Wonder bread with mayo. So, his take on the classic bologna sandwich includes green olive tapenade, aioli, organic arugula, sliced tomato and house-made bologna — “that way I know what’s in it,” he says — on white bread custom made for Bristol by Mathieu Choux of Gaston’s Bakery. “It’s like Wonder bread on crack,” he says with a smile.

I don’t doubt it for a minute. I am one of the addicts that start lining up around 11 a.m. hoping to grab one of the sandwiches at the ready — the egg salad and the bologna regularly sell out early. Or, if I’m feeling extravagant, I might sidle up to the counter and order a fresh, made-to-order hot sandwich. The regulars include grilled cheese Panini (sharp white cheddar, Monterey jack, shaved red onion and pear), a Reuben panini (with house Louie dressing and Swiss cheese fondue and roasted cabbage tossed in vinaigrette in lieu of sauerkraut) and a daily special.

My friend Jason says On the Fly’s roast beef sandwich (with Manchego cheese and house made Bearnaise aioli on a baguette) is the best he’s ever had.

All the usual suspects are there so whatever your go-to comfort sandwich is, you won’t be disappointed; rather, you and your taste buds will be delighted: turkey (house brined and rotisserie-cooked with roasted red and green peppers, smoked gouda cheese, aioli and dried chili pesto on baguette), chicken salad (again, house brined and rotisserie-cooked chicken tossed with vinaigrette, fennel, red onion, raisins, blue cheese crumbles, fresh basil, toasted walnuts with aioli, organic arugula and sliced tomato) and how about this: cashew butter and jelly (house-made cashew butter, boysenberry conserve and fresh banana on that better-than-Wonder-bread bread).

Now, I’m not saying there aren’t a lot of other sandwich places downtown, many of which are pretty good to great: there’s the Bleubird (my second fave), Subway and of course Jimmy John’s, to name a few. And there are restaurants aplenty where you can get sandwich specials of the day as well. You can get a sandwich that will satisfy your lunchtime hunger in any of those establishments (the Bleubird will tickle your taste buds with panache, but you have to wait on line, and some of the fare is a little more spendy). At On the Fly, most sandwiches are grab-and-go, and cost about five bucks, a few a bit more, some less. And that’s a pretty great price point for deliciousness. The place also has ramped-up soups, salads and desserts. I dare you to sink your teeth into the Rice Whiskey Treat (think of  your childhood’s rice krispie treat on steroids — comes with salted caramel sauce for dipping) and not flutter your eyes in OMG ecstasy. And if you like breakfast sandwiches, I highly recommend the Croque Madame (fried egg, house ham and Swiss fondue). The only downside I could find on my trips there was that if you want one of the hot sandwiches that are made to order, you do have to wait a few minutes while they make it. But in my experience, the end result was worth the wait.

Bristol, also owner and chef of Brick 29 in Nampa, says he modeled the sustainable, local, whole food, real food, grab and go concept on the trendy and wildly popular Pret a Manger, that started in the U.K. and now has locations in Hong Kong and New York. And, he already has plans to take the entire On the Fly enterprise up a notch or two: he envisions online ordering and bike delivery service in the near future that will rival that of the competition’s. “I would love to have a concept I could standardize and duplicate. We want to be aggressive. I think we offer a better value than Jimmy John’s.”

He wants to be the sandwich king.

One bite is all it will take to know that if anybody can take on Jimmy John’s, Bristol can.



On the Fly, 800 W. Main, Suite 200. 344-6833. http://ontheflydeli.com.

On Facebook: On the Fly Rotisserie Deli.

It is in the new Eighth and Main building in downtown Boise. Just hang a right at the top of the escalator.

Open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Sandwiches, soups, salads, desserts. Also grab and go entrees.


Fly friendly skies


This is one of those stories that makes you proud of your fellow human beings, at least some of them.

About a year and a half ago, my son and I headed back East for my other son’s college graduation. We almost didn’t get there. But after a bleary-eyed mess of an airplane breakdown, a white-knuckled car rental driving experience, a near midnight flight departure miss, three red-eyes and one lost piece of luggage later — we made it.

And Delta heard about it. The airline issued two $100 vouchers to assuage our prickly experience.

Fast forward to last week when I went to use the Delta vouchers for my son’s Christmas trip home. But the airline wouldn’t accept them. “They just expired,” a Delta customer service rep said. Her manager said the same thing.

I sent an email to the official Customer Care department to no avail. Then I sent letters to Senator Risch, Congressman Walt Minnick, Tim Mapes, Delta’s vice president of marketing and Richard Anderson, the president of Delta. Mr. Mapes responded almost immediately. He said: “Your story touched me as a parent and I am asking Kathy to extend the vouchers through the date of your son’s travel for the holidays. Sorry for your challenging experience on us and thank you for flying Delta.”

I also soon heard from Mr. Anderson’s office and even Senator Risch. I was able to tell them about my happy ending, which makes a really nice story, I think. I would not have been able to pay full price for an airplane ticket for TJ (yep, still no job). Now he is coming home for the holidays and bonus, he will be here in time to see his brother graduate college. Kind of a nice bookend.

Me, I’m sending out the message that sometimes you don’t have to take no for an answer — and some of those folks over at Delta airlines are pretty cool. Thanks Mr. Mapes, Mr. Anderson and Kathy.

First Thursday Goods

1194983991962367982paint.svg.medNovember 5 First Thursday, Boise’s incredibly busy art, food, drink and entertainment extravaganza, has outdone itself. There is no way you can do it all. My advice: scroll through the happenings then pick out five of your must-see/must-dos. Add five more for just in case. Then set up an itinerary and stick to it. Don’t worry, there will be more First Thursdays so take it easy.

Here are my picks for November:
— New paintings by Teresa Johnson at Flying M Coffeehouse, 500 W. Idaho St.
— Watercolor artist, father and son: Mark and Jack Bangerter, A Novel Adventure, 906 W. Main St.
— Talk at Fettucini Forum: “Our Great Recession: its impact on Idaho and the Boise Valley with David Eberle.” Fettucine Forum 718 W. Idaho St.
— Hot taco eating contest at 7:30 plus $1 beers at Chronic Tacos, 106 N. 6th St.
— Complimentary margaritas 5-9 p.m. Happy 26th Anniversary, Dragonfly! Dragonfly, 414 Main St.

And here’s the whole shebang, kit-and-kaboodle. Have fun!

East Side
The Basque Market 608 W. Grove St. 433-1208
Join us in celebrating fall with, tapas and wine tasting accompanied by live, festive guitar.

Basque Museum 611 W Grove St 343.1285
Tour our gallery and learn about one of Boise’s unique ethnic groups, listen to local musicians who meet for a jam session beginning at 6:30, tour the historic Cyrus Jacobs/Uberuaga House (6:30 – 8:30).

Boise Art Glass 530 W Myrtle St 345.1825
Snack on cheese, crackers and cider while watching live glass blowing demonstrations. The gallery will feature new works by the owner, Filip Vogelpohl.

Ceramica 510 W. Main St. 342-3822
Come paint the night away at Ceramica. Avoid Christmas stress and start those hand-painted Christmas presents early. First Thursday Special: Half price studio fee and complimentary snacks from 5-9.

Chronic Tacos 106 N 6th St 345-3711
Hot taco eating contest First Thursday at 7:30 pm and $1 beer. Mexican Tamales for the Holidays!

Cool Hand Luke’s 622 W Idaho St 287.3296
Come enjoy our “Steak & Bake for $9.98!” promotion. For $9.98 you get a 10oz. Flat Iron Steak and an Idaho Baked Potato!!

Dragonfly 414 Main St 338.9234
It is Dragonfly’s 26th Anniversary—Enjoy complimentary margaritas on First Thursday from 5-9 pm. Everything in the store is 20% off through November 14th.

Flying M Coffeehouse 500 W. Idaho St. 345-4320
November’s featured artist at Flying M is painter Teresa Johnson. “You are seeing the situation clearly.” New paintings by Teresa Johnson. Visit http://www.flyingmcoffee.com to see some detail work samples.

Melting Pot 200 N. 6th St. 383.0900
We will be featuring our $5 appetizers, $5 wine flights, and $5 beer flights from 5 to 8! Come join us!!!

Old Boise 6th & Main 345.7852
The handmade movement comes to First Thursday with Idaho Indie Works Etsy Street Team in Old Boise, 6th & Main at the Pioneer Tent Building, Over 20 local artists & crafters with shops on Etsy.com will offer their unique handmade products including jewelry, accessories, children’s items, cards, art and WINE Tasting. For more information visit http://www.idahoindieworks.blogspot.com.

Pengilly’s Saloon 513 W Main St 345.6344
Tonight the Frim Fram 4 will be performing at 8:45.

South Side
Artist in Residence Program http://www.8thstreetmarketplace.com

Join us in November for the final 8th Street AiR First Thursday show for the following artists. Complimentary wine from Sawtooth Winery and light snacks will be served to patrons of AiR. Don’t forget to visit all three 8th Street AiR locations to see the artists at work.

404 S. 8th Street, Boise, ID 83702, 8th Street Marketplace
Benjamin Love continues working on the tragic magic parade, which includes sculptures, paintings, and drawings. Kelli Brown will be completing her “Rules of Etiquette” work and will be starting a new work, “night time stories for children” – featuring nursery rhymes and other poetry with a deathly twist. Goran Fazil will be creating a new installation and displaying his new series dealing with decoration in art.

1020 Main Street, Alaska Building
Sandy Marostica will be painting and experimenting with polyester lithography plates and demonstrating this process. Rachel Reichert will be completing her series Taxonomic Collection of Stilled life. Her works explore the connection between natural history and contemporary fashion.

517 S. 8th Street, Renewal Basement
April VanDeGrift will be creating a body of work relating to memory and our relationship to the loss of it. Emily Wenner will be finishing up her 6′ by 15′ oil painting, titled “The Only Solution.” In this piece women work together at the bottom of the ocean, to construct the perfect man.

Atomic Treasures 409 S 8th 344-0811
Celebrating reuse with an eclectic mix of vintage, retro and found objects. Decorative and unique treasures for home, jewelry, accessories, clothing, books and collectibles. We have interesting and unusual items for unforgettable gifts. A must see for this First Thursday: photography artist Donna Brown. “Donna Brown’s photography captures magical moments that would otherwise be lost to us. Donna feels nature envelops all of us with its visual gifts. Come see those moments she has saved for you.”
Stop in see what’s new and share some refreshments with us.

Boise Art Museum 670 S Julia Davis Dr 345.8330
OPEN 10 AM – 9 PM, Donations welcome to support free First Thursday! STUDIO ART EXPLORATION–Drop in 5-8 PM: Discover how artists use abstract forms in the exhibition A Survey of Gee’s Bend Quilts and then design your own textile. ART TALK—5:30 PM: Join us for an Art Talk based on the exhibition A Survey of Gee’s Bend Quilts.

Buns in the Oven 413 S. 8th St. 342-5683
For every $100 spent from 11/1/09 through 12/12/09, BITO will give you a $25 GC to be used in January ~ see store for details. Shop early and save on clothing, toys, puzzles, books, gifts and so much more! Don’t forget to buy your sweet treats at our 1st Thursday, Cancer Benefit bake sale from 5-9 PM.

Cole/Marr Gallery 404 S 8th St. 336.7630
Cole/Marr Gallery will be presenting their Annual Student Show in November. The opening and artist reception will take place on First Thursday, 6-9p.m. There will be plenty of entertainment and comfort foods!

Ella’s Room 413 S 8th St 331.3552
Start your holiday shopping early and enjoy 20% off our cozy robes & prAna work out tops! Many bras marked down 20% to 40% off as well as other items on our sale rack. If you haven’t visited Ella’s Room yet it is a treat not to be missed. We carry a wide variety of bra sizes & styles, shapewear pieces, hosiery, sleepwear, lounge wear, yoga wear & men’s underwear too! Get your buns in here and shop for some great items to cover them! Complimentary gift wrap, & bra fittings are always available! 413 S. 8th. St. in Bodo. 331-ELLA or visit us online @ http://www.ellasroom.com

Helly Hansen 860 W. Broad St. 342.2888
Come into Helly Hansen on First Thursday and receive 10% off any regular priced merchandise. Buy 2 items and get 15% off both. And buy 3 or more items and get 20% off your entire purchase!!!

Idaho State Historical Museum 610 Julia Davis Drive 334.2120
Step into the Museum and view Boise Weekly’s Cover Art Exhibit! Original art from covers of the Boise Weekly will be on exhibit Oct. 27-Nov. 18. Proceeds from the auction on Nov. 18 will benefit local art groups. Free to the public, 5-9 pm.

Lunatic Fringe Salon 874 W. Broad St. 955-0400
First Thursday specials!! Complimentary Brow Shaping to the first 5 guests after 5. Also, 10% off any service when booked between 5:00pm and 7:00pm.

R. Grey Gallery 415 S. 8th St. 385-9337
Jewelry designer Robert Grey Kaylor is unveiling his new steel jewelry with gold and diamond accents. Try on his new creations which combine the old with the new and hear the story of how this line originated. Artist reception 5-9pm with wine and treats.

RE Boutique 405 S. 8th St. 392-7940
Re Boutique is featuring Jewelry maker April Brenisholtz. Her collection of Uber unique, one of a kind ‘re-made’ jewelry is on display now. She will be showing an expanded selection during first Thursday. Goodies provided inside and live music outside if weather permits! Gift certificates now available.

Salon 162 404 S 8th St 386.9908
Stop by Salon 162 to see beautiful portrait drawings of Native Americans. Self taught and strictly done freehand, Joshua Gray’s work is definitely a must see. There will be both prints and originals on display. “Native Americans have so much emotion in their faces, if you can capture that feeling, there is nothing more gratifying as an artist.”
Central downtown

American Clothing Gallery 100 N 8th St 433.0872
American Clothing Gallery will be hosting our annual Blue Willi’s trunk show. Sweaters and jackets from their Fall and Holiday 2009 will be in house. Stop by and check out all the great holiday gift ideas we have in stock. Also, Claudia Snyder will be on hand pouring her latest wines from Snyder Winery in Buhl, Idaho.

Artisan Optics 190 N. 8th St. 338-0500
Come and see the entire Collection of… Face a Face: the designs diffuse audacity, glamour, a charming and pleasant relaxed elegance, as well as a positive energy. 1pm to 8pm at Artisan Optics Downtown (Corner of 8th & Idaho). Hotline: 208.377.8899. Visit us online at http://www.artisanoptics.com.

Berryhill & Co. Restaurant and Bar 121 N. 9th St. 387.3553
It’s finally here…The 9th Annual Berryhill WINE SALE…hundreds and hundreds of great deals for gift giving / fill a mixed case for yourself or split it with friends / sommeliers and wine stewards on site / wine tasting. Plus enjoy our Happy Hour 4-6pm comfortably in our lounge or at the bar. Live music starts at 6:30pm…

Cheers 828 W. Idaho St. 342-1805
This First Thursday at Cheers all boxed Holiday cards will be 10% off.

The Chocolat Bar 805 W. Bannock St. 208-338-7771
Beer and chocolate, what says Autumn more appropriately? The Front Door and Sockeye Brew Pub will be pairing select fall and winter beers with our chocolates! Come see our new location and our new flavors! http://www.thechocolatbar.com Where Taste is the difference!

The Eclectic Art Store 280 N. 8th St 342-2191
This First Thursday we will be showcasing our newest co-op artists! Fused glass, photography, live music and refreshments. Stop in to say hello, and check out Boise’s newest gallery.

Fettucine Forum 718 W. Idaho St. 433-5670
The new season of the Fettucine Forum continues this First Thursday with Our Great Recession: its impact on Idaho and the Boise Valley with David Eberle. Food • Fun • Forum • First Thursdays. Doors open at 5pm, the presentation begins at 5:30 pm. Located in the Rose Room of the Union Block Building, The Fettuccine Forum promotes good citizenship and responsible growth through public education. Contact the City of Boise Dept. of Arts & History 433-5670.

Idaho Advantage Credit Union 249 N. 9th St 342-5660
Idaho Advantage Credit Union will be open from 6 to 8 displaying artwork by local artist Kelly Friederich. We are accepting new members and are pleased to announce we are now offering new Business Services. Stop by and check out the Advantage of our Credit Union! (On 9th between Idaho and Bannock)

Lisk Gallery + Carl Rowe 850 Main St 342.3773
Spacious and filled each First Thursday with artists, collectors and gallery strollers, this month features new images from Mark Lisk, renowned for his spectacular foregrounds and brilliant desert and wilderness landscapes. Also paintings on aluminum by painter Jerri Lisk, whose intense colors and striking trees illuminate the walls along with amazing oil paintings, by one of the northwest’s finest oil painters, Carl Rowe. Chocolates will be on hand from Dream Chocolate, and wine tastings provided by Sawtooth Winery.

The Lobby 760 W. Main St. 991-2183
Come experience the newest after-work hangout in Boise: The Lobby! This First Thursday they will feature a Local Artist Collective. Don’t miss it!

Macy’s 918 W. Idaho St. 388-7000
Macy’s, Downtown presents our 1st Annual Fragrance Gala! Join us on this very special evening to experience scents from around the world. Experts from nearly every fragrance house will visit Boise for this exciting event! Professional Make-up Artists will reveal the newest looks for the holidays. You’ll enjoy refreshments, entertainment, fabulous door prizes, and gifts with every fragrance and cosmetic purchase. Complimentary gift wrap will be available. This event offers the best value of the season. The festivities begin at 5:00 PM. Ticket price of $10, is discounted from any fragrance or cosmetic purchase, and includes a free gift! Call 388-7340 for information.

Mai Thai 750 W. Idaho St. 344-8424
Buy two entrées, get a free appetizer! Value up to $7.95!

Old Chicago 730 W Idaho St 363.0037
Bring in the whole family—KIDS EAT FREE! We’ll also have karaoke from 10-close in the bar.

Pie Hole 205 N. 8th St. 344-7783
Welcome November! Eat a slice, drink a PBR, and enjoy the smooth stylings of Sleepy Seeds.

Pottery Gourmet Kitchen 811 W. Bannock St. 368-0649

Pottery Gourmet Kitchen will be open late on First Thursday, celebrating the Holiday Season! Our Pastry Chef will be making breads and pastries for tastings and special orders, and we’ll have some dessert wines to go with them. 10% off Polish Stoneware and Handmade Baskets. New shipment of Signed Unikat’s from Ceramika Artystyczna!

Shoe Fetish 310 N. 9th St. 336-0393
Stop by Shoe Fetish on First Thursday for “Shoes, Cider and Scentsy”. Melissa Burnett will be in the store with the latest Scents from Scentsy. We’ll be serving Hot Cider and selling beautiful and unique shoes and boots. Shoe Fetish, 310 North 9th Street. Open Late for First Thursday!
SoleMates Comfort Footwear 120 N. 8th St. 433-9394

Come check out our awesome Dansko selection for Christmas!

Tanzanite Salon & Spa 220 N. 9th St. 344-1700
Come join us at Tanzanite Salon & Spa for complimentary chair massages, consultations for skin care, make-up how to, and hair styling 411. Let the experts show you how to achieve the look you’ve always wanted. Enjoy drinks and small bites!

West Side
A Novel Adventure 906 W. Main St. 344-8088
Come down to A Novel Adventure for another great First Thursday event.
The Featured artists of the month are world renowned father and son watercolor artists Mark and Jack Bangerter. Author Doug Copsey will be signing copies of his book, With Our Good Will 30 Years of Shakespeare in Idaho, an amazing and beautiful book detailing the evolution of the Idaho Shakespeare Festival. All of this will be accompanied by the ever-popular, eclectic and versatile lyrical feast that is Boise’s finest troubador, Thomas Paul. You don’t want to miss out on the fun down at your favorite downtown bookstore!

Art Source Gallery 1015 W Main St 331.3374
Art Source Gallery presents: “Pixelated: Boise images create images of Boise”; New work by photographer Michael Falvey. Join Falvey for his First Thursday reception on November 5 from 5-9pm. Music by Dave Linger, Wine from Indian Creek Winery, Beer from Brewtopia and Nibbles. Also featuring a Weaving and Spinning demo by artists Bev Blank and Kathy Kostka. http://www.artsourcegallery.com.

Basement Gallery 928 Main St 333.0309
It’s the 13th Annual X-mas X-hibition! John Padlo is showing a world of imagination through nostalgic oil paintings of toys, superheroes, and futuristic inventions. Tony Rios is exhibiting a new series of works consisting of fun and entertaining nonsensical mixed media pieces. Cody Evans is represented by a conglomerate of original drawings, mixed media paintings and digital illustrations. Kelly Knopp is showing brand new demented artistic goodies including incredible skeleton-body escapes and other twisted art. Keith Farnsworth is displaying a series of imaginative and cleaver mixed media pieces titled, “Faded Mind Signs”. Scott Brown, Kevin Flynn, & Mandy Riley are represented by the ‘Potters Center’ and are showing a wide variety of ceramics.

Belle Boutique 224 N. 9th Street 345-1039
Stop by belle and check out all of our new Fall Must Have’s from beautiful coats to cute sweaters! Come see our new Fall lines of designer jeans from Miss Me and Big Star! Mention this ad and get 10 percent off your entire purchase!

Brown’s Gallery 1022 W. Main St. 342-6661
For artist Wendy Blickenstaff, each scene presents an opportunity to capture the essence of a moment in vibrant color. Whether painting a garden, the Grand Teton Mountains, or a stunning sunset, the viewer is transported, experiencing the beauty firsthand. Reflecting a peaceful sense of awe, her paintings become an escape into another world that is untouched by the troubles of this existence. Opening Reception 5 to 9pm. Wine tasting by Sawtooth Winery. Also, Coiled Wines, a new small-production wine label dedicated to crafting elegant wines from Snake River Valley grapes, will be featured at Brown’s Gallery for Boise’s First Thursday on November 5th. Winemaker Leslie Preston will pour her first release, a 2008 Snake River Valley Syrah.

Foot Dynamics 1021 W. Main St. 386-3338
Foot Dynamics will be open for 1st Thursday in November. Come meet our Pedorthist Jeffery Jacobs and talk to him about solutions for all of your footwear needs…including ski boot orthotics!

Gallery 601 211 N 10th St 336.5899
Calling all Outdoors Men and Women. Discover the great outdoors through its wildlife and landscape. Our show will feature the artwork of Idaho Artist Steve Lyman, Oregon Artist Rod Frederick, Canadian Artist Robert Bateman and many others. Whether you’re a hunter or a hiker this show is for you. To preview the show visit our website http://www.gallery601.com

Graeber & Company Salon & Spa 350 N. 9th St. 343-4915
November 1st Thursday Open House 5-8pm! Hand facials, hand massages, spa tours and more. Pure Privilege Members receive double points all day! Pure privilege members receive 10 points for every dollar spent on Aveda products at Graeber & Company – To join – $10 one time enrollment and double points on their first purchase. Points can be redeemed for products, gift certificates, vacations and more.

The Record Exchange 1105 W Idaho St 344-8010
All day long, The Record Exchange offers $2 off any used CD or DVD $5.99 and above. You are sure to find a rarity in their extensive collection. In the coffee shop, all 12 oz. espresso drinks are only $2 and get $2 off any sale gift item over $5.99. The Record Exchange also features local artists’ new releases for in-store play on First Thursday. Cool things happen at the Rx!

Slammin’ good poet!


The Mighty Mike McGee!

If you have EVER thought: Maybe I should check out this slam poetry stuff and see what it’s all about… Do that. Tonight.

The Mighty Mike McGee is in town and will be performing at the Slam of Steel. He’s a national poetry slam winner and just about the best around, in my humble opinion. (As a former Slam Mistress — yes, that’s what the official title of a poetry slam hostess is — I have yet to see anybody better than The Mighty Mike McGee.)

He’s hilarious — witty, sharp, funny and a consummate performer. You will love it and you will love me forever for begging you to go.

Here’s the down-low:
What: SLAM OF STEEL All Ages Poetry Slam and Workshop with Head to Head Haiku and super-special feature: MIGHTY MIKE McGEE!
When: TONIGHT! Workshop at 6, SLAM at 7!
Where: Woman of Steel Gallery 3640 Chinden
Cost: $5 ($1 w/ student ID!)
Ages: ALL AGES!*
*Remember, these are poets and poets like to practice their right to free speech. Translation: Leave the kiddies at home if you don’t want them to hear a few choice four-letter words or some situations/issues that may not be G-rated.

Good thrills and chills!

Wooo-oooo-ooooo. Are you ready for Halloween Eve: Here are a couple of last-minute ideas for the night before the Great Pumpkin. One charges a fee, but it won’t break the bank, the other is free.

michael_jackson_thriller_2Bronco Elite Boise is throwing a Halloween bash, for kids 4-12 and it includes a costume contest, games, pumpkin decorating, movies, pizza, face painting, a cake walk, bake sale and more. Oh, and bonus: dance instructor Natalie is going to show the kids how to do Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance. 6:30 to 11 p.m. Friday, Oct. 30, Bronco Elite Boise, 1187 W. River St., Boise. $25 per child ages 4 to 12. 389-9005. http://www.broncoelite.com/boise

The Record Exchange is hosting a free Monster Mash, featuring all 11 of Boise Rock School’s http://www.boiserockschool.com/ bands, in appropriate costumes. “All the bands are gonna dress up and rock out,” said Jared Goodpaster, co-founder of Boise Rock School. Monster Mash at the Record Exchange, 5:30 p.m.- 7:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 30, The Record Exchange, 1105 West Idaho Street http://www.buymusichere.net/stores/recordexchange/

Murder for a good cause!

1unexpeteddeaths-gal-psychoColonel Mustard. In the billiard room. With a knife.

You KNOW how much fun it is to play a rousing game of Clue. And who could forget the campy movie of the same name?

But let’s be honest: Haven’t you always wanted to play the game for real, with in-the-flesh humans, actual murder weapons and honest-to-gosh real rooms, instead of cards, a board and plastic baubles?

On Halloween, Saturday, Oct. 31, your wish will come true.

“Murder at the Grove Hotel” is a real-life (well, almost) murder mystery you and your friends can solve, “just like a game of Clue,” said organizer Wendy Maple. Here’s how it works: there are different suspects — a maid, a bartender, event host, former Grove employee, a sports rep and the hotel manager. And, just like in the board game, there are a variety of murder weapons and locations.

But Murder Mystery at the Grove has a delicious little twist: clues about whodunit will be scattered around the hotel in the form of cryptograms and it’ll be up to the guests to find the clues and solve the mystery.

“People aren’t going to be just sitting at their tables,” Wendy said. “They’ll be all over the hotel.” And, “we will actually have a body.”

Not to worry, the body will be a live one, Wendy said, laughing. And, in the end, the evening will be great fun for a good cause — The Wishing Star Foundation. http://www.wishingstar.org/

Wendy first got involved with the organization that grants wishes to sick kids when daughter Jessica became a volunteer. But then, after what at first seemed like a minor concussion, 19-year-old Jessica was diagnosed with Grade Two Astrocytoma (brain tumor). “She went from being a volunteer to being a Wish Kid,” Wendy said.

Now 20 years old, Jessica has had two surgeries and is recuperating. She’s in chronic pain and it will be another seven years before they can say she’s in remission. Last March, after Jessica’s second surgery, the Wishing Star Foundation granted Jessica’s wish for a spa weekend in Coeur d’Alene. That’s when Wendy started hatching the murder mystery idea.

“This particular chapter really concentrates on the Pacific Northwest, so the money stays local,” she said. And, unlike other wish organizations that stop granting wishes at 18, Wishing Star grants them for kids up to 21 years of age. “It’s really nice to be a part of this organization,” Wendy said.

Besides the murder mystery/scavenger hunt, the fundraising event includes hors d’oeuvres, a cash bar, dessert auction and prizes for best costume and best team name (CSI Boise anyone?). Plus, if you get a little spooked, the hotel is offering a special “deadly room rate” of $69.

Murder at the Grove Hotel — an evening of murder, mayhem, fun, food, libation — to support the Wishing Star Foundation
The killings start at 6 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 31 — HALLOWEEN!
$60/person; $450/teamof eight
Get tickets for “a lethal evening:” 870-2089 or 412-2992


Good Divas of Boise Crooning for a Cause!

cher_jims_5254929_600largeforgalleryWho doesn’t love a good diva?

Cher. Diana Ross. Barbra…

Well, hold on to your hats, Boise, ‘cuz we’ve got our own divas to celebrate: Margaret Stigers. Kathy Miller. Rebecca Scott. Deb Sager. Sirah Storm. Kerry Rourke. Mary Weaver. Dana Oland. Rocci Johnson.

You can pay homage to all of ’em 7:30 – 10 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 22. And they’re belting out their best for a good cause.

Join The Divas of Boise with Rosalie Sorrels for: “A Concert for the Children, a Benefit for the WCA” at Hannah’s, 621 Main St.

The event is dedicated to raising funds for the prevention of child abuse. So open your pocketbooks and plunk down the $20 donation. Not only will you be helping kids, you’ll get a night to remember from our very own divas.

Rosalie Sorrels

Rosalie Sorrels

BONUS: Twice Grammy-nominated Rosalie Sorrels will perform a solo set and join the Divas on stage for the last set of the evening.