Poetry of life

Bob and I went to see a movie at the dollar movies (not really a dollar anymore, but close enough) over the weekend. “Tree of Life.” It is more poem than movie and after coming home and reading a couple of pretentious reviews, I almost think I know what it’s about.

It did get me to thinking that poetry can be found in almost anything, anywhere.

I have always been a fan of poetry and so when my youngest, TJ, spouted off with a poem at the age of 5, I thought wow — a child prodigy.

Alas, the poem, I found out, was more a stream-of-consciousness, visual exercise than a genius work of art — he constructed the poem about his favorite TV and book characters while looking at them on the back of one of his Golden Books.

Then again — beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my dad always said, and art in any version is pretty much the same. If you want proof, go see “Tree of Life.”

In the meantime, here is the image that inspired TJ’s prodigal poem. And don’t worry — the poem is to come.


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