Deer friends

“I saw a family of deer this morning on my way to aerobics class. There were four of them and one even had a rack!”

“What? Say that again,” said Bob. “You saw WHAT??”

“Deer. This morning. In the neighborhood. Walking on the street.”

“You saw deer? Where?”

“Over on Orchard. There were four of them. They were headed towards the canal, you know, that woodsy area.”

“Oh, right. I bet they live in Kathryn Albertson Park. That’s cool…. One of them had a rat??”

“No—a rack! One of them had a rack!”

“Oh, yeah, that makes more sense. I thought you said ‘one of them had a rat,’ and I thought wow, that’s weird.”

Even though this is a pretty typical conversation for me and my husband Bob, what’s not so typical is that there were four deer in our neighborhood the other day. A fuzzy Bambi family nestled in amongst houses, streets, cars and people.

Keep your eyes open, people. You never know what wonders you may see.


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