Still in D.C., learning and seeing

As members of the Boise VSA entourage, Bob and I have been going to a lot of workshops, lectures and sessions at the VSA International Festival , and, as the Boise VSA contingent, Remember: it’s about art AND disability. We are learning a lot and talking to some amazing people who are making art, helping others make art, and who are educating people about art and disability.

Here is an interesting link, looking at the discussion of using the proper word, for instance. Should you use the word “handicapped” when referring to someone who may use a wheelchair or is otherwise physically or intellectually different than you? Check this out:

We have also been taking in some D.C. sights. Wish you could be here, but since you can’t, we’ll take you to see the U.S. Capitol and give you a glimpse of The American History Museum at The Smithsonian. There are a bajillion museums at The Smithsonian and they are all FREE!


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