You’ll laugh, you’ll cry

Yep, that's me and Josh Blue, Last Comedy Standing winner!

Sometimes you just need to laugh. Really. You NEED a little funny in your giddyup.

It made perfect sense that A Night at the DC Improv was part of the International VSA Festival , and, as the Boise VSA contingent, we all trouped down to see Josh Blue, Brett Leake and Kathy Buckley. These people are funny!

Through their comedy, these folks grab you by the hand and pull you in to their world — leaving preconceived notions and stereotypes behind. Brett was the first comedian with muscular dystrophy to yuk it up on The Tonight Show. Kathy Buckley, who is deaf (and has a bit of a HI-larious potty mouth) is a five-time American Comedy Award nominee and an actress, author and inspirational speaker. She made me laugh — and cry.

Josh, an oh-so-talented comic who also happens to have cerebral palsy, was the headliner. He killed. I laughed so hard, I was doing my hee-haw laugh, tears of pure joy streaming down my cheeks.

Now, back to business!


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