By Otto Kitsinger

That’s me, tooting my own horn. And, yeah, it feels good, it’s about time and I’m not apologizing.

Why toot, you ask?

First, take a gander at how many readers “First, the good news” has tallied in little over a year. Drumroll, please: 104,422! That’s roughly 8,000 visitors a month. Thanks for reading!

Second, Quintessential Boise: An Architectural Journey by Charles Hummel, Tim Woodward and moi is tearing it up! Newspaper reviews, television appearances! A reception, book signing and bus tour! You can buy the book at Borders, Flying M Coffeehouse in Boise, A Novel Adventure, Trip Taylor Bookstore and soon (maybe even by the time you read this) you’ll be able to get it at the Boise Co-op and Rediscovered Books. And, of course, you can go online and order at Kudos to Adele Thomsen, the book’s graphic designer, Otto Kitsinger, photog, and, of course, the inimitable Todd Shallat, whose eagle eye oversaw EVERYTHING from tiny braincell conception to the published product.

Third — well, I’m gonna keep mum for a few more days on what’s behind curtain number three. Don’t want to jinx it. Plus, it’ll be more exciting that way.

So — stay tuned. The universe is tipping!


One response to “Toot-toot!

  1. this is really good

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