‘Quintessential Boise’ in bookstores now!

Well, who knew!

Being unemployed doesn’t bar you from rubbing shoulders with eminent Boiseans like Charles Hummel and Tim Woodward. Being unemployed doesn’t stop you from writing and editing a book. Being unemployed doesn’t mean you can’t have a book signing and bus tour! No sir!

Please join me and my esteemed colleagues, Charles and Tim and Todd Shallott, who made this all happen, and Adele Thomsen, who made it bee-youtiful, Otto Kitsinger, who took such gorgeous photos β€” the folks at BSU and Boise City Arts and History Department (that’s you, Terri Schorzman) β€” for a book signing and bus tour.

5-6:30 p.m. Thursday April 22
Borders Books at Boise Towne Square, 330 N. Milwaukee Blvd.

What’s the book about? Well, it’s a book about how cool Boise is, by folks who love the place. There are streetscapes, places you know and love and maybe a few that will surprise you. There is commentary, analysis, history and personal reflection to assuage everyone’s pithy take on Boise, from brainiac to philistine and everyone in between.

“What makes us different is priceless.” β€” Tim Woodward, from QB chapter one.


3 responses to “‘Quintessential Boise’ in bookstores now!

  1. Followed a link from TreasuredValley to your blog, and find the book sounds interesting… but you seem slightly too modest. You’re mentioning everyone’s name except yours. Can you toot more specifically? πŸ™‚

  2. PS It sounds like you aren’t unemployed at all. You’ve simply joined the ranks of consultants and contract workers. (I’ve been part of it for 20 years, except 15 months on a staff job.) So again, congrats for making the best of your time with this project – and may it lead to many more good-news gigs.

  3. Congrats to all! It looks like a beautiful book. Are you planning any other events? (I’m on the Salmon River that day …)

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