Testing… one, two, three… testing

Another crick in my neck from poring over my computer and filling out applications. Sending resumes. Cover letters. Why do I want this job, you ask? Please. Pretty Please. I’m not really begging, just being polite. Sometimes I just want to write something like, “come on, you’ve got to hire somebody, just give me a chance.”

Glad I’m keeping up with aerobics (“Highway to the Danger Zone” and “I Wanna Be Sedated” on today’s playlist) otherwise I’d be like a hunchbacked job-hunting pretzel.

Took the Census Bureau test last night (three hours??!!). Good news: I scored 97 (they called today and told me). That means I’ll probably be hitting the streets (fingers crossed). They said before we left last night that we would only be called if we scored 90 or above. Nice to know some of my brain cells still work.

But maybe Joey Ramone had the right idea…


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