Working it out

While it doesn’t really generate any $$, teaching aerobics at a local gym and dance studio has probably saved me from Prozac. So far. A friend reminded me of that today. Because it’s not that it’s easy to go down the rabbit hole; it just gets harder not to slip into it.

So I do aerobics. I started teaching a few Facebook friends last March (I really did train at a Richard Simmons Anatomy Asylum in the 80s and Mr. Simmons really did teach a session at our club). I taught for about 10 years before hanging up my legwarmers. But I found them in a drawer and pulled ’em back on, dusted off my 80s collection of vinyl and ta-da.

I teach five days a week to sporadic attendance. On Tuesdays we do water aerobics because another class takes the studio. And I love it and it makes me smile every time Irene Cara belts out: “Fame. I’m gonna live forever. I’m gonna learn how to fly!”


3 responses to “Working it out

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  2. Thanks for coming to the class, Lindsie. The more always makes for the merrier.

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