Slammin’ good poet!


The Mighty Mike McGee!

If you have EVER thought: Maybe I should check out this slam poetry stuff and see what it’s all about… Do that. Tonight.

The Mighty Mike McGee is in town and will be performing at the Slam of Steel. He’s a national poetry slam winner and just about the best around, in my humble opinion. (As a former Slam Mistress — yes, that’s what the official title of a poetry slam hostess is — I have yet to see anybody better than The Mighty Mike McGee.)

He’s hilarious — witty, sharp, funny and a consummate performer. You will love it and you will love me forever for begging you to go.

Here’s the down-low:
What: SLAM OF STEEL All Ages Poetry Slam and Workshop with Head to Head Haiku and super-special feature: MIGHTY MIKE McGEE!
When: TONIGHT! Workshop at 6, SLAM at 7!
Where: Woman of Steel Gallery 3640 Chinden
Cost: $5 ($1 w/ student ID!)
Ages: ALL AGES!*
*Remember, these are poets and poets like to practice their right to free speech. Translation: Leave the kiddies at home if you don’t want them to hear a few choice four-letter words or some situations/issues that may not be G-rated.


One response to “Slammin’ good poet!

  1. this poetry is really impressive.
    Thankyou, i’m off to experiment

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