Good pet costume contest!

Canine Dogicula Halloween Costume For PetsI vant to suck your blood, ruff, ruff!

Fang it! The most popular Halloween get up this year is the vampire.

So if you’ve got the fangs, fake blood and cape, you’re set — but what about Fi-Fi and Fido and Fritz the cat? Maybe your pet wants to get dolled up, too. dog-costumeSo get busy Halloween Evil One Cat Costumeand then get down to the 5th Annual Northwest Pets Howl-o-ween Costume Contest this Saturday, October 24th at noon! 32230If your pooch or you and your pooch (yeah, there’s a pet/owner category) win, you can take home some loot. bunnysuit4sThey’re giving away a total of $500 in Northwest Pets gift certificates plus other food prizes. First prize for the best pet costume: $200! Sign up is free — Call 208- 939-8119 to enter your pet in the contest.

They’re also having fun giveaways, discounts and vendors with pet food and people food, too.


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