Good Q&A w/Kid of Comedy


Stand-up comedian Trevor Hattabaugh is appearing with Boise Rock School and hip-hop group Eleven Friday October 15 at 5:30 p.m. at The Linen Building in Boise (see previous story for details).

I sent Trevor some questions. The following is our email conversation:

Q: Trevor you’ve been a funny kid for a while now. As a young comedian you’ve won some awards and in fact, you’ve been on some pretty impressive stages. What have been your personal highlights and triumphs?
A: Going out of state to perform. I got to do The Comedy Store in LA. GREAT audience! I liked getting 3 yes votes from the judges on “America’s Got Talent.” And last week I did a gig near San Francisco & got to ride the cable cars. That was fun!

Q: Who are your mentors or who has inspired you? Also, if not included, who are your favorite comedians?
A: Pat Mac, who now manages HiJinx Comedy Club, gave me my first break. He saw me at the BSU Comedy Contest & invited me to perform at the Funny Bone. He helped me write jokes & introduced me to other comedians who came through town. He let me come to joke writing workshops with the comedians who were performing at the club that week. That was great cuz my parents wouldn’t let me watch their acts. Pete Peterson & Mike Faverman helped me, too. The next year, I won the contest.
My favorite comedians are probably Steven Colbert, Jon Stewart, Dmitri Martin, Jeff Gaffigan and Brian Regan.
As far as inspiring goes, Colby West would be the guy. He’s a professional freestyle skier, but he’s also hilarious! His parts in all the ski movies are awesome. I’ve read articles about him & he’s a pro skier who really wants to get into entertainment. And I’m an entertainer who really wants to be a pro skier. I do comedy to support my ski habit.

Q: You pretty much write your own jokes and material. Where do you get your material — from your day to day life, the news, movies, books, TV?
A: Sadly, most of my “material” really happened. Yeah, I live it. When you’re a teenager, it’s easy to make fun of your parents, teachers, brothers & friends. They PROVIDE the material. I’m also kind of into politics so it’s easy to make fun of politicians, especially local politicians…ESPECIALLY Eastern Idaho politicians. The jokes write themselves!

Q: Trevor, you were 86ed from the stand-up scene in Boise due to some technicality about minors being in bars and how some people think a comedy club is a bar… anyhow, I hear you’re back in the entertainment spotlight again. Can you tell us about that?
A: Getting kicked out of the Funny Bone was a real bummer, because that’s where I practiced my new material. I used to do short guest sets or open mic nights pretty often, which was great. I think the Alcohol Beverage Control (Freaks) went overboard. Now I can only perform at clubs in more open-minded states—like Utah! Yeah, it’s legal for me to perform at comedy clubs in Utah, Oregon, Wisconsin, Nevada & California, but not in Idaho. So I’ve been looking for places to perform in Idaho that don’t have so many state laws & regulations. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of gun shows & childcare centers….. Oh wait, this is a good news only blog, right? The good news is that at least I get to do corporate gigs & private parties. And they actually pay!

Q: Are you planning on continuing, on doing more performances?
A: Yeah, I perform about twice a month. Except in December. Then I perform alot for company Christmas parties.

Q: Do you have a Web site or a way folks can find out about your upcoming performances?
A: My website is . But I update my facebook page more often. It’s just under Trevor Hattabaugh. And my “momager” always puts my gigs up on her Facebook page. It’s under Sam Sandmire. If you want to see some of my comedy, you can search “Trevor Hattabaugh” on YouTube. That’s how I book most of my gigs.

Q: Tell us your favorite joke. Pretty please?
A: I like this one (but it’s not mine): Saying “I’m sorry” & saying “I apologize” are pretty much the same thing…except at a funeral.


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