A Howling Success!

Champion BrightenLakeridgesSummerinHamptons, Best in Show, Boise, 2009

Champion Brighton Lakeridge Summer in Hamptons, Best in Show, Boise, 2009


Treasure Valley Dog Show Sunday, Oct. 11 at Expo Idaho was dog-tastic. The event was open to purebreds only (registered with the American Kennel Club) so we left Payton, our shelter-adopted, Heinz 57 pooch at home. If you didn’t go, you missed a fine opportunity to be absorbed into the award-winning “Best in Show” mockumentary.

Dogs from all over the country, of all sizes, colors and shapes, coats glistening, brushed to perfection, teased, bobbed, trimmed. Handlers popped treats in their mouths, waved them about to get the most alert poses from their dogs, tromped them to and fro. We were there to see the final rounds and then, the crowning finale: Best in Show.

A standard poodle, listed as a “bitch” from New York with the longish name of “Brighton Lakeridge Summer in Hamptons” won, and, as I was corrected by her handler, Tim Brazier, is more properly called: CHAMPION Brighton Lakeridge Summer in Hamptons.

dogshow1She is a gorgeous animal and I stopped at her grooming station after the event to ask about her a bit. Her “call name” is GG and while she was being unprimped and depoufed (rubber bands removed from her top-notch white ‘fro, ear bangs carefully wrapped in soft, blue, plastic sheaths — it “keeps her from getting her hair and fur into her water and food”), I chatted with her groomer and handler.

“Yes, she’s very glamorous,” Brazier said. They said at three-years-old, she’s a real winner. Since they started showing her three months ago, she’s won five “Best in Show”s. “She is the only unbeaten dog at this dog show,” Brazier said.


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