Good bike ride

modern bikes“Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do…”
Riding a bicycle is just plain fun, especially in the crisp, brisk Fall. Riding along the Boise River, crunching leaves on the Greenbelt trail ‘neath the backdrop of a snow-capped Shafer Butte — I can’t think of a better way to spend an autumn afternoon.
Don’t have one? No worries, there are plenty of places around Boise where you can rent a bike. At Bikes2Boards, 3525 W. State St., you can rent a bike for as little as $15 a day. And if you’re an out-of-towner, they’ll deliver it to your hotel for an extra $10.
Some other Boise bicycle rental shops include:
Idaho Mountain Touring
Tates Rents, 1502 Broadway Ave., 344 -8487 (they get their bikes from George’s Cycles and have them at the Broadway location only because it’s close to BSU campus!)
The Modern, a boutique hotel in downtown Boise’s Linen District, is also getting in on the bike rental rack-it.
“The Modern is excited to have four bicycles, purchased from Boise Bicycle Project, to lend to guests during their stay,” said Michal Lloyd, spokesperson for The Modern.
“We think it is a fantastic way to get around Boise and wanted our guests who didn’t have rental cars to be able to get to places like the Boise Co-op, Café Vicino and ride on the Green Belt.”
So c’mon, Boise — get on your bikes and ride!


One response to “Good bike ride

  1. You know, I rented one from Tates once. I rode all over the valley … so far, in fact, that I couldn’t find my way back.

    That’s when I realized that it really is true: He who has a Tates is lost.

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