Good Sunday

Remember when it used to be fun getting up on Sundays, making coffee, getting the big, ole, fat newspaper, crawling back into bed and reading the funnypages, newspaper sections fanned out all around?

Sigh. It’s just not the same reading truncated stories online with attached venomous commentary.

But Sunday is still Sunday, a day like no other. For me, it’s sacred in more ways than the obvious, it’s a day to do whatever you want, no guilt over shoulda, coulda, oughta.

Wanna watch a movie? There are some dandies out there: “Zombieland” and “Capitalism: A Love Story” come to mind.

I recommend “The Cove” at 7:30 p.m. at The Flicks and not just because I helped get together the discussion panel for after. It’s billed as a “thriller” doc and won awards, including one at Sundance. Plus, The Flicks has beer and wine and the best popcorn in town although I recommend you eat up early, I don’t think you’ll have much appetite during the film.

Or maybe you’d like to read a book? I’m holding out for SK’s newest tome coming out in November “Under the Dome.”

I’d also suggest a trip to the park or foothills or maybe even a fun car wash but — it’s raining so none of those activities works.

How about curling up with your old high school chums and out of town buds on Facebook? I know I can easily kill a couple hours doing that. Today is a free pass, too, so no “guilty pleasure” attached.

Speaking of guilt, go ahead and go to church if you like. The way I see it, God doesn’t need an invite (nor do you) but I do like to sit in the quiet of a beautiful church and just … be. It’s so peaceful.

Or you know what? It’s a great day to nap with Led Zeppelin on to lull you to dream. Whatever you do, have fun.

Happy Sunday!


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