Get the spirit

"With One Voice" is a film featured at the Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival.Five years ago, Bob and I took a little trip to Sun Valley. The Dalai Lama was in town. It was a magical, spiritual experience, kind of like going to a Rainbow Family festival only better.

One of the events spawned by His Holiness’s visit was The Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival and it has become an annual and one-of-a-kind happening, thanks to the dedication and devotion of Festival executive director Mary Gervase, who wants to keep the spiritual magic alive.

The event spans several days, Friday, Sept. 18 – Sunday, Sept. 20 and boasts an impressive slate of films, from “Dr. Bonner’s Magic Soapbox” to “Cowboy Yoga” to “Lucia Rijker: A Boxer, A Buddhist” — yes, she’s the on-screen villain in a little film you may have heard of: 2005’s Oscar-winning movie “Million Dollar Baby.”

Besides catching some cool films you won’t find anywhere else, this year’s event also features a silent art auction (the exhibit ends Sept. 19) and a slew of featured speakers including 70-year old Ralph Bonner, the son of “the Pope of Soaps.”

I recommend the journey, we can all use a little soul-searching once in a while, and heck, it’s only a couple hours or so from Boise. In one weekend you can get renewed, refreshed and recharged. Hey, it beats mowing the lawn.

Tickets are $8 per film or $80 for the whole shebang ($15 for special events and the opening reception — see Web site for purchasing and details).


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