Toasting the Curb Cup

Boise Curb Cup

Cheers! Here’s to the 2009 Boise Curb Cup!

Bob and I thought we’d pop on down to Bodo 2 – 4 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 30 to check out the event and wow, what a happening! There was a gajillion people, trillions of bicycles, strollers (yes, with babies inside), dogs of every size (we saw Great Danes to purse pups), wheelchairs, Segways — and did I say people?!

There were performers — musicians, artists, street performers, actors, jump-ropers, yo-yoers; there was at least one mime (why would you want more?), breakdancers, a guy on stilts with a teddy-bear hairdo; comedians — one guy was whispering offensive jokes to anyone who wanted to listen (yeah, Bob leaned in for one), and street poets; there were young performers — a Beatle-esque band of 12-and-unders sang to Sgt. Pepper — and there were those from the more mature folks: we saw a Sinatra crooner and a decidedly senior Liza Minelli type belting out “Cabaret.”

Well, some say there were 40,000 people crammed and jammed into the blocks usually reserved for the Capital City Market plus one extra trailing down into Bodo proper and another tacked onto the Basque block. I don’t know how many attended, but I do know there was a whole lotta shakin’, jumpin’, and jivin’ going on. And I’m not just talking about the belly dancers, either.

For those of you who didn’t make it, here are some short takes on some of the madness and mayhem and two hours of jam-packed action:


3 responses to “Toasting the Curb Cup

  1. Hi Marilove, here’s a link to a story that has at least part of the winners listed:

  2. Marilove Challenger

    The citizens of Boise were the real winners in this event. What a great idea! But who were the winning performers?

  3. Nice work, Jeanne! I really liked the acoustical groups (Bluegrass), but I’m an unapologetic old fart. I noticed that you didn’t include the naked (well…almost) guitar player or the human statue girl. Ya know-I wouldn’t have either!

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