Xavier Rudd interview EXCLUSIVE!

xavier1When Mike Gyulai told me Xavier Rudd was coming to town at the Knitting Factory on Tuesday Aug. 25, I was excited. When Mike told me he could score me an interview with Xavier, I was ecstatic!

But when Mike sent me the email telling me that Xavier was not going to be able to answer my carefully prepared, researched and crafted questions, I was crushed.

I hope there were some folks there to see this guy. He is like a one-man-band and really sounds like an interesting fella — at least from my end of the conversation.

So — I’d like to invite all of you, dear readers, to take part in this “interview” with Xavier Rudd. I’ll do the questions and you send your answers, ala Xavier Rudd-style. In other words, we’ll play “What Would Xavier Say?” You can even get a t-shirt with WWXS on it — it’ll be a real conversation starter!

Well, here goes. Just post your answers (the questions are numbered) in this blog’s comments and I’ll publish my faves — along with the entire interview.

Good luck! And thanks for playing.

1. So nice to meet you, Xavier. I know you’re busy and in the middle of a big tour, so let’s just get started. In a bio I read about your music, it says you are like a one-man band, playing guitars, Yidaki (didgeridoos), Weissenborn slide guitars, stomp box, harmonica, and percussion. My question is, how, when and why did you learn to play these instruments?

2. What’s your favorite instrument to play — and why?

3. I also read in your bio that your parents were a musical influence and as a youngster you listened to Neil Young and Paul Simon. Would you name other musicians as inspiring or “informing” your music?

4. You’re a big hit in Australia, your home and have been since your debut album in 2002. But you’ve been winning hearts and audiences in the U.S., too, appearing at Bumbershoot, Austin City Limits and opening for Jack Johnson, the Dave Matthews Band and Ben Harper. You’re also working on the score for Surfer Dude, starring Matthew McConnaughey, Woody Harrelson and Willie Nelson. What’s next for you? What are your grand aspirations?

5. Besides being an accomplished musician — albeit a bit quirky — you’re also known for your humanitarian efforts and love for the environment. Can you tell us a little about that side of you?

6. Aside from your inspirations, what kind of music or artists do you like to listen to?

7. Favorite books?

8. Movies?

9. And I have to ask this question: what’s your favorite food(s)? Both U.S. and Australian! And if you have any recipes to share, please do!

10. Anything else you’d like to share?

Thanks so much for taking the time to “talk” with me and my readers and good luck on your U.S. tour!


One response to “Xavier Rudd interview EXCLUSIVE!

  1. Splendid, as a gentleman would say. Brilliant work on this writing. I sincerely adore it ;).

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