Good night, sleep tight, sweet dreams… to sleep perchance to… you know

imagesGot relatives?

Yeah, it’s summertime and (except for the triple-digit heatwave, the mini-Monsoon season and now back to 90s in the shade) the living here in Boise is easy. SO much to do, I don’t really need to say anything. But (my husband Bob always tries to get me to exchange my “but”s with “however”s), I do have a few spots you might have forgotten about, looked over or perhaps haven’t yet discovered.

If you’ve got folks coming from out of town and they are the “hotel” as opposed to the “spare bedroom” type of visitor, we’ve got a couple of boutique hotels I’d be proud to pit against any trendy hip joints in San Fran, L.A. or New York: the Hotel 43 and The Modern. Both are in hip Downtown Boise pockets and both are great for out of town guests or weekend getaway staycations (yes, I actually said that word, get over it).

The Hotel 43 (981 Grove St., Boise, 800-243-4622) exudes a Bellagio-style cool. Squint your eyes and I swear you’ll see Brad Pitt scarfing and chomping on something delicious and slurping down the ‘43’s signature 10-minute martini over in a corner of Chandler’s, the Sun Valley-inspired steak and chop shop joined at the Hotel 43’s hip. Local artists festooned the walls here and each and every room is, well, Las Vegas hip (are those dancing fountains outside the windows?!). But — and this is a BIG but — there’s even more here than meets the discerning eye: If you stay at the Hotel 43, you get to sample some of our, ahem, fine art and performing art ON THE HOUSE!

WHAT?? Yes, take in Shakespeare under the stars (Idaho Shakespeare Festival) and art openings at Boise Art Museum. Perhaps you prefer a night at the ballet, or a rousing symphonic performance by the Boise Philharmonic? And who can resist a night at the theater (Boise Contemporary Theatre)?

Step over to the mod, mod world at the Modern Hotel and Bar in the Linen District (1314 W. Grove St., 424-8244) for sloshing, gnoshing — and hey, it’s a guarantee — you’ll just look so much cooler there! I’ve even heard the Modern now has taxi service, um, that is, bicycle taxi service and guess what? You get to do the driving! And if anything can get cooler than playing vintage 45 singles while you are in the, er, “Loo,” well, I don’t know what that could be.


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