Day 5, on the road: Pittsburg Redu

Jun 03 2009 - VID00087_2Day 5:

Holly talked me into staying another day. I was an easy mark.

It feels so good to be here, with Holly and also here in this place. It really does feel so comfortable. I KNOW this place, and I wonder if I’ve stayed away so long because I’ve been afraid to come back…

Holly and I (and Payton) spend the day talking some more, laughing some more.

Here’s a little about Holly: She’s the one who has actually followed through on a lot of the ideals we had — way back when! And I have always admired her so much — still do — for staying more true to our convictions.

Here are some examples:
Holly: had all her kids at home, natural childbirth.
Me: Read the book on natural childbirth. Concocted a “tea” that landed me in the hospital. Had my kids at hospital but with a few natural-style caveats.

Holly: lives sparsely and close to nature.
Me: lives not so sparsely and not so close to nature.

But there are things we both have kept hold of:

Holly & me: people-lovers.
Holly & me: always looking for the good in the universe.
Holly & me: open minds, open hearts.

It was a wonderful, spectacular and awesome day, mostly spent doing trivial stuff. We didn’t care, we were just happy to be there.

I went to the college campus, Pittsburg State University, go Gorillas!, and looked up Gus, the Gorilla (mascot) in the Commons area.
Gus the Gorilla.
I remember when Steve Martin came and performed at the college auditorium during his white suit era. At the end of the concert, he led us all outside and continued the performance in the Commons. At one point he climbed up on ole Gus and did a hilarious stint.

Holly and I went to Wal-Mart and the Salvation Army. But mostly, we just talked.

We stayed up late, telling stories to each other, dancing at the club around the corner to the song “I’m Yours,” set up a parachute in Holly’s studio.
The parachute installation.
Drifted off to sleep while telling more stories in the dark.

Sweet dreams!


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