Day 3: Continued

prairie dog town 1_1Day 3: Continued!

After tooling around a bit in Colby — no telling if I’ll ever be back —

I tried to stop and see some of the sights along the long and not very winding road.

Here are some highlights:

These signs keep popping up: “Prairie Dog Town, home of the largest prairie dog in the world!” How can you pass this by?! I stopped and… rattlesnakes, prairie dogs and foxes, oh my!
Marlene says this place has sent three kids to college, but the owners have failing health and it will probably be up for sale. Hmm, hey Bob, c’mon, a little humidity, it’s not THAT bad…

Stopped in Hays for a bite to eat and lo and behold, I found a Taco Grande. And a sancho!!! (It’s kind of like a soft taco only… well, I can’t describe its deliciousness!!) I literally INHALED it, sitting in the parking lot, wiping the grease and hot sauce off my chin occasionally, OMG!! I couldn’t believe how good!! Payton just rolled his eyes in disgust and tucked his head into the A/C.

Pulled off the interstate in Salina (pronounced: sa-LINE-a). Tried to stop at the Art Center and see my friend, Heather Ferrell. She’s the curator there. But, sigh, closed on Mondays!

Finally make it to KC, only to — get lost?! C’mon, I lived here for a long time, drove an ice cream truck (and we had to fill ‘em up right down by the river, which is where I’ve ended up!). Finally, found my way to familiar territory and holed up in a pet-friendly Super 8 motel on Metcalf. Brian and Bobbie at the smoke shop pointed me in the direction of 1. The liquor store and 2. BBQ, KC-style.

More chin dribbling with sauce. More eye-rolling from Payton.


One response to “Day 3: Continued

  1. Great stuff Jeanne! Keep on keepin’ on!
    That Marlene knows her snakes.

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