Good news from the road: Day 1

Notes from travels on the road, Boise to Pittsburg:

Day 1:

By the time I got my pack together and Payton my dog situated in his travel house in the back seat of my sunset-orange VW Beetle, it was nearly noon on Saturday.

I headed south, passing Jerome, Twin Falls and Burley in Idaho. Past Tremonton, Ogden, Salt Lake in Utah. I turned towards I-70 in Scipio, Utah and by the time I got to Green River, it was 9:30 p.m. Time to stop for the night.

Here’s what I got from Day 1:I don’t know how you spend your time on roadtrips, but I took turns listening to the radio, playing CDs — The Beatles, mostly — and just turning off and tuning in. I heard the most amazing story on This American Life on NPR. They had taken the classified ads from one day of the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Reader, the local weekly. They found a missing poodle named Isis, talked to a bunch of folks (like me) who were looking for a j-o-b, and cobbled together a band from a bunch of musicians. Check out the band’s recording of Elton John’s “Rocket Man:”

I saw a rainbow, which I took as a good sign:

And I stopped to look at the Salt Flats in Utah:
Salt Flats in Utah, Day 1: Boise to Pittsburg
I found out that there isn’t a lot going on in Green River, Utah on Saturday nights, but that was alright with me. Everything is pretty much buttoned up by 9 p.m. I found a 24-ounce Miller Lite and a bag of chips at the Sinclair gas station convenience store and Payton and I hit the hay.


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