Good ride!

Shawn Grossman is in the BicyTaxi driver's seat!

Shawn Grossman is in the BicyTaxi driver's seat!

“Daisy, daisy, give me your answer, do…”

Ahh, just picture it: You’re Downtown with your honey on a beautiful, starry summer evening. You have a cocktail at The Modern but you have dinner plans with friends at Bardenay. Sure, you could walk… but hey, why not take a taxi — the BicyTaxi, that is!

The BicyTaxi is Boise’s first pedicab service, says owner Shawn Grossman. Grossman, who formerly ran Big Bikes in Hyde Park, is excited about BicyTaxi and points out it’s one of those businesses that works both ways. Not only is it a fun way to get around town on First Thursday, weekend eves and Saturday mornings at Capital City Market — and you can also take a tour at $30 per hour — but, says Grossman, “it’s a fantastic outdoor, mobile advertising vehicle.” In fact, “that’s its prime function.”

It’s like a slow-traveling billboard — and Grossman is looking to sign advertisers on to the plan. You can plaster your name on a BicyTaxi, have promotional materials to hand out in a BicyTaxi, or even offer rides — complementary rides in your name, that is.

It’s “highly visible advertising on outdoor mobile media” that “facilitates increased awareness and exceptional recall,” says BicyTaxi’s Web site.

For me and my friend Brad, it was a fun as heck ride from The Modern Art show to The Gamekeeper Lounge. The ride is not 100 percent pedal-power; Grossman’s three-wheeler kicks in with a motorized push on the uphill. But it IS a pretty good workout, he says. “I’ve had fantastic response so far. I pedaled around on Thursday ‘till I wore myself out.”

BicyTaxi is also looking for “drivers.” The Web site is looking for interested independent contractors for evening and late night shifts. You just need a commercial service drivers license, pay a nominal application fee to the city, and take a training course. Then you’re ready to put your mettle to the pedal.

“Anyone who thinks that working outdoors, meeting people, and getting a great workout while making a part-time income, should contact Shawn to find out more about this opportunity.”

Interested? Go to


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