Good news, go vote!


I’m just bustin’!

I just got the word that “First, the good news” has been nominated as Best Local Blog by Nickelodeon Parents! I got an official e-mail from Drew Kristofik, managing editor of Nickelodeon — and yep, it’s right there for anyone to see on the Web site!

The category, of course, is:
Best Local Blogs — When you sneak a sec to surf the Net, whose online journal do you log on to and love? (BONUS: You can also enter their sweepstakes to earn $2,000 cash. Su-weet.)

I’m up against a half-dozen pretty formidable opponents:
A Merry Mishap (crafts and recipes from a local soon-to-be-mom),
Esmae’s Animal Filled World (all about, um, animals, includes local critter pix),
Miss Courageous (a local pop jewelry and accessory designer who uses recycled materials),
Moments of Wisdom (daily doses of inspiring photos and quotes),
My Adventures in History (avid history buff shares her thoughts on historical places, TV shows, movies and more) and
Tiggrz Travels (well-traveled Boise Grammy posts facts, photos and quizzes about oh, the places she’s seen!).

All nominees were chosen by local parents and by golly, we Treasure Valley-ans are the ones who get to be the deciders on who wins. There are actually 30 categories to vote on, including where to get the best pizza, ice cream or haircut; where to find the best entertainer or toy store, or the best place for parent date night or theater group for kids.

There are only 67 more days to vote, people, and I, of course, am honored, proud — and hope you’ll be rooting for this blog, “First, the good news,” at

You’ve got from now to July 15 and, according to the rules, you can vote once a day (but no more than that).

And you can tell your friends, and your friends can tell their friends and so on. The winners will be announced Monday, Aug. 17.

A little about ParentsConnect: Nickelodeon’s ParentsConnect is an informational, community-based Web site made for parents to connect with local family events, great deals and activities, age-relevant content, and other parents.

It “celebrates the reality of parenting,” which includes dealing with daily challenges large and small, from the prenatal to teenage years. “Our motto is ‘We’re not perfect. We’re parents.’ And we mean it!” says the Web site’s mission statement.

So let the voting begin! And tell all your friends! Help make “First, the good news” the No. 1 local blog because there’s plenty of bad news out there — let’s make the good news triumph over bad!

Go vote (remember, you can vote EACH AND EVERY DAY until July 15). Click on the link below and scroll down to “Boise” and click again. That will take you to the local nominees in all categories.

Come August, I hope I can say I am a 2009 Parents’ Picks Winner, but I am poppin’ proud just to be nominated. And, as a gesture of good sportsmanship and bon vivant, I’d like to extend a heartfelt “good luck, contenders!”

Go here to vote:


3 responses to “Good news, go vote!

  1. Hooray! This is awesome! What an honor! I voted for you too!

  2. Congratulations! You’ve got my vote.

  3. i voted for you! congrats on the nomination! i hope you win!

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