Good kids!


If this isn’t good news, I don’t know what is:


Seventy-three students from Ada County will be awarded plaques from the Mayors of Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Garden City, Kuna and Star Thursday, April 30, 2009.

The 16th annual Mayors’ Awards to Youth event will begin at 7 p.m. in the City Council Chambers on the third floor of Boise City Hall.
Since 1994, principals from Ada County junior, middle, and high schools have been invited to select two students to be recognized at the event. Each alternative school provided one nominee. Young people are honored for their accomplishments in overcoming struggles, serving as peer role models or helping to better their schools and communities.

Among the students nominated is Eulalia Kafari (Bishop Kelly High School), who has been recognized on the state level for the Idaho Mock Trial Best Witness and National Forensic League Superior Distinction Award. On the national level, Eulalia is the Idaho Girls State Delegate and finalist for Girls Nation as well as the Idaho Speech National Finalist. Eulalia and her family moved to the US from Ghana when she was nine years old. Her achievements are varied and notable but, more importantly, she is a role-model for her fellow students because of her intelligence, her wonderful sense of humor and her personal integrity. She lights up Bishop Kelly with her warm, friendly personality.

Amanda Casper, of Boise High, has been recognized for outstanding effort and achievement despite multiple obstacles that could have prevented her from performing highly in school and the community. Because of developmental disabilities, Amanda has struggled with reading, writing, and math skills. Many individuals who face such hurdles may give up and make excuses of why they cannot succeed — but Amanda is determined to succeed. She works hard in school at every subject from bell-to-bell and has a remarkable GPA. Even outside of school she puts in extra time with her grandmother to read and improve her fluency and comprehension. Despite her disabilities, she has gotten her driver’s license and has a part time job at Idaho Elk’s Rehabilitation Hospital as a dietician’s aide and will be working full-time following her graduation this June.

Here is the full list of award winners:

East Jr. High

Nick Arnold

Adam Richey

Fairmont Jr. High

Samantha Thurlow

Clark DeWitt

Hillside Jr. High

Remona Htoo

Matthew Kline

Les Boise Jr. High

Miles DeKlotz

Jessie Joy Gibson

North Jr. High

Lila Stange

Ben Youtz

Riverglen Jr. High

Jennifer Briggs

South Jr. High

Lyndon Curtis

Victor Molina

West Jr. High

Shalya French

Cristina Viveros

Boise High

Amanda Casper

Abdul Karim Abdul-Hussain

Borah High

Halli Cada

Skyler Irvin

Capital High

Kasaundra Robertson

Aaron Goin

Frank Church High

Jody Dutcher

Timberline High

Kasey Allen

Lauren Hooker

Boise Language Academy

Chakomah Tahuri

Mustafa Abdulamir

Dennis Technical High

Ashley Adams

Simeon Overturf

Pritchett School

Desiree Osborn

Cheyenne Solis

Eagle Middle

Hannah Hyde

Juan Medina

Heritage Middle

Kelsey Hartman

Lewis & Clark Middle

Mariah Ziemer

Jadyn Andrew

Lowell Scott Middle

Magen Myers

Brandon Hodge

Meridian Middle

Brian Pegram

Andrew Robertson

Galileo Math & Science

Parker Yeakley

Kyle Martes

Crossroads Middle

Nick Workmon

Boris Diamond

Pathways Middle

Chance McClary

Sara Stewart

Centennial High

Corey Cavazos

Laural Spaulding

Eagle High

Megan Tanner

Kaylee Bunn

Meridian High

Eddie-Dean Thomas

Mitzi Howard

Mountain View High

Joana Stephania Ortiz

Shaun Blodgett

Rocky Mtn. High

McKinzey Talbot-Shields

Central Academy

Robert Spencer

Eagle Academy

Brynn Brozwski

Meridian Academy

Tasha Kile

Karl Norris

Meridian Technical
Charter High

Celina Muli

Ray Clark

Kuna Middle

Malia Peck

Bishop Kelly Catholic High

Eulalia Kafari

St. Joseph’s Catholic School

David Ybarra


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  1. Karena Youtz

    Our son won!

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