Good timing: Silver lining update!

Ever wonder what happens to all those quarters you feed to those hungry Downtown meters? I did after I got into a little parking ticket trouble (see “Good Timing…?”), so I asked Adam Park, communications director for the Office of the Mayor, City of Boise.

“The parking meter revenue goes first to pay for the cost of the parking enforcement,” Park said, “then the remainder goes into our general fund which is used to pay for police officers, fire fighters and all other general fund expenses.”

I’m not saying I’m glad I got to pay $230 for my errant parking violations so that I could help the City…. But, I guess I AM saying that 1.) I learned a lesson to really, really, really try to pay more attention to parking meters; and 2.) I learned where those quarters, dimes and nickels go. And, even if I do make an occasional miscalculation and get a parking ticket, I will pay it IMMEDIATELY — and hold my head up high and shoulders back, knowing in some small way I am helping our men in uniforms — and Randy, the pretty nice bicycle cop.


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