Good art!

securedownloadWe’re all looking for a good time these days, and, these days, a really good time is also easy on the pocketbook. A great time? We’re talking freebie, and you can’t usually count on something going for nothing being, well, something.

Well, here’s something that costs absolutely nothing — zip, zilch, nada — and believe me, it’s gonna be REALLY SOMETHING!

“SKINLESS ~ a tattooist group show” is debuting at Visual Arts Collective, 3638 Osage St. in Garden City. These artists normally use skin as their medium but in this group tattoo art show you can see their work on the walls. Featured artists include: Rocky Arellano, Travis Berg, Chris Krahn, Darcy Nutt, Erik Payne and Sean Wyett.

Exhibiting artists will do a fusion opening night.

WHAT: SKINLESS ~ a tattooist group show
WHEN: Doors open at 7 p.m., Friday, April 3
WHERE: Visual Arts Collective, 3638 Osage Street, Garden City
ADMISSION: This is a free event (Beer and wine available, not free.)
21 and over ONLY!

For more information, call Visual Arts Collective at 424-8297
or access VaC’s website at

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