For goodness sake!

jhuff1Dear Readers,

At the expense of being seen as “tooting my own horn,” I am going to toot away. As of today, Sunday, March 1, nearly 1,500 readers have stopped by “First, the good news,” since its Feb. 19 debut. About 120 have joined the Good News Army by enlisting on the “First, the good news” Facebook group.

“First, the good news” is now a bi-weekly column at the Idaho Business Review and this blog is linked to from the IBR Web site. Look for other news organizations to be linking to the blog: Boise Weekly, Idaho Press-Tribune and Fox 12, for starters.

So far, I’ve gotten a thumbs-up for “First, the good news” from:
— The Downtown Boise Association
— Mayor Bieter
— Boise’s economic development department
— Idaho Business Review
— Fox 12
— Boise Weekly
— Idaho Press-Tribune
— Tracy & Margo at 107.1 K-Hits
— Many well-wishers and supporters, from business folks to just plain folks

Coming this week, look for stories on:
First Thursday: What’s the haps
Interview with former Idahoan Gary Bermeosolo
Ain’t got no money but still want to party? Here’s how you can!
Walks like a man: Interview with Faith, the biped dog
Shop on a dime

That’s just what I’ve come up with so far. Send me YOUR ideas:

Until then, start every day with “First, the good news.”




2 responses to “For goodness sake!

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  2. Congrats.


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