Good God!

Some folks in Meridian have been surprised lately by a group that’s been giving back more than it’s getting. A new church group, Connections, is officially launching its Meridian community at a service at 6 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 21 at 828 W. Cherry Lane in a facility the group is renting from the Church of the Holy Nativity. And instead of the usual flyers-in-your-mailbox approach, these church members are announcing their presence in some more, well, creative ways, said Senior Pastor Dusty Taylor.

“Yesterday (Thursday, Feb. 19) we delivered about a hundred packages of a dozen cookies, each with an announcement card,” Taylor said. The group has also bought meals at local restaurants and gas — “random acts of kindness, if you will. In the spirit of generosity, we’re trying to be a generous church.” While Taylor has no idea — yet — if this kind of marketing will attract more congregation members, “at least we made some people happy, made some people smile,” he said. Every act of kindness includes a “You’ve been served” card that includes information about Connections.

On Wednesday, Feb. 18, group members were collecting food and donations for the Boise Rescue Mission and the Meridian Food Bank at the corner of Meridian and Fairview. One elderly woman spotted Taylor with a sign asking for contributions “and she dumped out all the coins she had,” Taylor said. “I think it was about 13 cents or so. She said, ‘I’m so sorry, it’s all I have.’ I handed her an envelope, it had either a $10 or a $20 in it. I watched her open the envelope and — she couldn’t believe it. Her jaw dropped open. She looked over and said ‘thank-you.’”

That day, said Taylor, the group collected about $80 in donations but actually gave away more than $300 in those “You’ve been served” envelopes.

Connections’ Saturday service, which should last about an hour, Taylor said, is open to the public. All are welcome, “from tattoos a’blazin’” to church goers more comfy in a three-piece suit.


One response to “Good God!

  1. What a grand idea! Kudos to the pastor. I hope his Saturday service attracts many, many open hearts!

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