Up and running…

Wow, the response to my good news shout-out is incredible! Thanks to all for sending news items, contacts — and kudos, too, for all the good wishes, support, suggestions and opinions. Whew! Keep ‘em coming!

I’ve got lots of ground to cover, so…
First, the good news!

GOOD STUFF: Thoroughly Modern.
The Modern Hotel and Bar, 1314 W. Grove, Boise, is, like many of us, throwing an Oscar Party Sunday, Feb. 22. This one is particularly cool because The Modern is a regular hangout of Boise’s own Heather Rae, producer of the Oscar-nominated (Best Screenplay) “Frozen River.” Melissa Leo, another Oscar contender, stars in the heralded film. The crowd will be uber cool and holding their collective breath while the rest of us just wish we could be that cool. RSVP and get your tickets — which include an Oscar ballot, two drinks and appetizers from Café de Paris — by Friday, Feb. 20. Sweet: The night’s events include a Modern give-away — a free night in a Modern suite! 424-8244.
Coming up: The Modern Art show slated for May 9. Artists, get your entry forms in by Saturday, Feb. 28! http://blog.themodernhotel.com/

GOOD DAY: A rose by any other name…
Hats off to the Flying M Valentine for AIDS auction for bringing in a cool $27K!! While that may be $1,000 less than 2008’s shindig, that’s still pretty awesome, said owner Lisa Myers. “It was better than I expected because so many said it was going to be bad (because of the economy). But people came out and really supported a cause that they love.”

GOOD DEED: Now that’s a helping hand!
Way to go, Alan Hamilton, of AIRE Inflatables in Meridian, http://www.aire.com/aire/. At $1,000 Hamilton was the winning bidder on an ice chest at an auction to help out BLM seasonal ranger Mick Krussow at the annual Utah Guides and Outfitters/ Colorado River Outfitters Association convention in Grand Junction, Colo., on Feb. 11 and 12. Krussow has been battling cancer and is just finishing up his second round of chemo (seasonal rangers don’t get health care benefits). The $1,000 was way cool — but wait — Hamilton tossed the cooler he’d won back into the ring. By the time it was filled up with fist fulls o’ tens, twenties and hundred dollar bills, Hamilton and friends had raised a “cool-er” $2,300 to help Krussow.

Good job!

Keep sending me the goods!



3 responses to “Up and running…

  1. Gordon,

    I couldn’t agree with you more! My dad used to say this every year when his birthday rolled around: Well, it beats the alternative…

    Thanks for the post.


  2. I see and feel the good news every day.
    When I walk out my front door, I see trees and grass and horses and birds –not tanks and troops and burned-out hulks of vehicles.
    When I go into town, I park my truck, fully expecting it to be there when I return, and walk down the street, fully expecting to get wherever I’m headed without being shot, blown up or otherwise maimed or killed.
    Sure, there’s always the possibility of such things, of course, but the odds here are so incredibly low that we don’t even bother to think about them.
    When I go into the grocery store, I think the prices are too high, but I also note that the store is fully stocked with an amazing amount of food of all kinds, along with many other items.
    OK, times are tough, but read the paper, the news magazines, etc., and see how good you have it.
    Lost your job? You won’t get locked up in the poorhouse or sent to prison or the salt mines for getting behind on your bills.
    If it’s storming when you walk outside, go back in and check the news — if it’s cold here, look at the weather reports, etc., from elsewhere.
    Yeah, we all got troubles, but they’re so damned small compared with so many other places that we oughta be ashamed of ourselves for griping about it.
    Of course, I, like probably everyone else, will continue to gripe about cold, snow, prices, mud, health problems and anything else I can think of to gripe about. Hey, I have the right to do that! (Free speech.) And I’m still physically able to do it. (Some aren’t.) So I’ll gripe, and then I’ll read the paper or call up news sites, read about what others are going through, and tell myself to just shut up.
    And, as one guy even older than I am (if you can believe that) commented, “Any day above ground is a good day.”

  3. Thanks for the help, support and love. Keep it all coming!



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